donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

The Appeal

Published: 28/08/2013

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This Page/Hi-5_web.jpgThe Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal is the Program's official fundraising entity that direct funds in full to Australia's national response to Devil Facial Tumour Disease, through the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program.

100% of the funds raised by the Appeal go to the research and management activities that have been prioritised as important to the long-term solution to Devil Facial Tumour Disease and the aim to keep Tasmanian devils sustainable in the wild as well as to facilitate the educational and publicity activities of the Appeal. All donations over $2 are fully tax deductable and GST exempt in Australia.                        

Contact us 

Rebecca Cuthill
Manager, Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal
University of Tasmania Foundation Administration, Building B4
University of Tasmania
Newnham Campus, Launceston
Locked Bag 1350, Launceston Tasmania 7250
Tel: +61 3 6324 3314
Mob: 0408 012 048

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Appeal news

Latest news read more...
Published: 28/08/2013

Kids Club

Just for kids... read more...
Published: 28/08/2013

Supporters & ambassadors

Our supporters and ambassadors. read more...
Published: 11/08/2011

Become a partner

By aligning yourself with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal, you are putting up your hand to actively help us to save an iconic species from extinction. read more...
Published: 24/03/2010

Collins Debden Devil Merchandise on sale now!

Our fundraising partner Collins Debden has gone into promotional overdrive, with the launch of a range of products and merchandise online. read more...
Published: 23/08/2011

Grants & scholarships

Project grants and scholarships are funded from donations received through the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal via the Tasmanian Devil Research Advisory Committee, to support research and management programs that meet the key priority areas of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. read more...
Published: 16/02/2010

Make a donation

Make a donation read more...
Published: 24/03/2010

Run a fundraiser

Running your own fundraising event to support the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal is a fantastic opportunity to get together a group of friends, co-workers, club members, a team or even a class to raise funds in any way you choose. read more...
Published: 24/03/2010

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal Committee (STDAC)

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal Committee both oversees the activities of the Appeal manager and makes recommendations to the Tasmanian Devil Research Advisory Committee on how donations will be disbursed to the Program's research and management activities. read more...
Published: 10/08/2011

Sponsor an event

Sponsor an event read more...
Published: 24/03/2010
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