donate link to home page link to home page about the disease Save the Tasmanian devil. Devil Facial Tumouir Disease threatens the existence of this internationally-recognised icon. In some areas more than 90% of the Tasmanian devil population has been wiped out.

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Japanese science documentary on the Tasmanian devil

Over the past 10 months, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program has been working with a Japanese natural history film company in the production of a 30 minute documentary on the plight of the Tasmanian devil, which is planned to be broadcast on NHK TV in Japan on Sunday 27 July. NHK is equivalent to Australia's ABC and the documentary, which is targeting a Japanese family audience with the Sunday screening, is likely to be viewed by over 10 million people.
Published: 09/07/2014

International article features Tasmanian devil researcher, Professor Greg Woods

Professor Greg Woods, Principal Research Fellow at the Menzies Research Institute, which is part of the University of Tasmania, heads up a small dedicated team of researchers working to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction in the wild. Professor Woods and the work of his team recently featured in an article in International Innovation, providing an expert summary of this often complex area of research, and is well worth a read.
Published: 02/07/2014

Auckland Zoo helps raise awareness of Tasmanian devils

New Zealand's Auckland Zoo is the latest international zoo to receive a handful of Tasmanian devils under a partnership agreement with the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program's Ambassador devil initiative aimed at raising overseas awareness of the plight of the devil.
Published: 12/05/2014

Appeal Ambassador Jon English learns more about key research and conservation strategies to help our Tassie devil!

In March this year, Appeal Ambassador Jon English was in Tasmania. Over two days he was provided with a comprehensive overview of key milestones made by the Save the Tasmanian devil Program in the area of devil management and conservation strategies. He also spent time meeting the vaccine research team based at Menzies Research Institute in Hobart.
Published: 08/05/2014

Healesville operating innovative devil enclosures thanks to an Appeal Grant

In late November 2011, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal awarded a Devil Management Grant to Healesville Sanctuary to initiate a project to remotely monitor Tasmanian devil behaviour and welfare in innovative Managed Environment Enclosures (MEE's). Recently we have received an update on how these enclosures have been working.
Published: 08/05/2014

Tassie Eggs Big Benefit to the Tasmanian Devil

Since August 2013, Tasmania’s premier Egg Producer, Pure Food Eggs through its specially developed ‘Save the Devil Appeal black retail pack’ has donated 20 cents per pack sold towards the Appeal. To date more than 100,000 packs have been bought, raising over $20,000 for the Save The Tasmanian Devil Appeal.
Published: 01/05/2014

Latest Devil Program Newsletter April 2014

A copy of the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program's Newsletter for April 2014 is available to read, share and download. Find out about the benefits of the overseas partnerships being formed under the Ambassador Devil Iinitiative; the joint Devil Tools and Tech project, which will have direct application for conservation strategies used by the Program; the Maria Island Devils; Devils on the Peninsula; and the latest news from the Appeal.
Published: 30/04/2014

Friends of the Tasmanian Devil Volunteer for Poo Pick-up

A ‘Friends of the Tasmanian Devil' group has been established by Wildcare over the last year under a community grant from the Appeal. One of the first practical activities undertaken by the group was to assist the Program with some work at the Freycinet Free Range Enclosure (FRE) this summer - namely, picking up devil poo that had accumulated on the ground over time using pooper scoopers.
Published: 21/03/2014

Trowunna Celebrates Redevelopment

Trowunna Wildlife Park recently opened the latest stage of its Tasmanian devil management facility. The redevelopment was made possible thanks to benefactor, John Cochrane and a grant from the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. Owner of Trowunna, Androo Kelly explained that the area had previously housed devils and been used by Dr Menna Jones, Future Fellow, University of Tasmania, to research devil mating behaviour. He said that the redevelopment was the latest investment by Trowunna in its support of the Devil Program.
Published: 21/03/2014

Overseas Commitment to Saving the Tasmanian Devil

A recent visit to Tasmania by scientists from San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) has reinforced the strategic decision behind the Ambassador Devil initiative which began last year. The team were here to meet Program staff and announce a joint research project that will have direct benefits for the recovery of the species in Australia.
Published: 20/03/2014

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