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20011/12 Annual Program Report released for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

Published: 06/11/2012

The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program’s Annual Program Report for 2011/12, which outlines the activities undertaken to  save the Tasmanian devil during the 2011/12 financial year has been released. It is the second Annual Report produced by the Program, following the first in 2010/11. The Report contains an overview of the key activities and outcomes, performance reviews and partnerships for the Program in 2011/12. This Page/STDPAnnualReport2012Cover2.jpg

The Program is the largest national conservation effort undertaken to date. It is a joint initiative of the Tasmanian and Australian Governments. In 2008 the Tasmanian Government committed to ongoing support for the Program with initial annual funding of $3 million.  The Australian Government  committed to annual funding of $2 million for a five-year period.

The Program is guided by a strategic plan and a business plan and has a vision of an enduring and ecologically functional population of Tasmanian devils living wild in Tasmania. The inclusion of information in this Report outlining the Program’s major achievements for the year, our partnerships and our progress in the field of scientific research, provides evidence that the Program has made significant advances towards that vision.